Trong hôm nay, chúng ta cùng làm bài tập ngữ pháp trộn giữa hai thì Hiện tại Đơn và lúc này Tiếp Diễn. Nếu như khách hàng chưa rõ về nhì thì này thì xem tại mục Ngữ Pháp giờ Anh nhé.

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Qua bài Tập lúc này Đơn và hiện tại Tiếp Diễn sẽ giúp đỡ bạn phát âm được sự biệt lập giữa nhị thì này trong giờ đồng hồ anh để dùng giỏi hơn.

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1 Are the bold verbs OK? Correct them where necessary.

1 Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. OK2 How ofen are you going khổng lồ the cinema? vị you go3 Ben tries to find a job, but he hasn’t had any luck yet.4 Martina is phoning her mother every day.5 The moon goes round the earth in about 27 days.6 Can you hear those people? What do they talk about?7 What do you do in your spare time?8 Sarah is a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat meat.9 I must go now. It gets late.10 ‘Come on! It’s time to leave.’ ‘OK, I come.’11 Paul is never late. He’s always starting work on time.12 They don’t get on well. They’re always arguing.

2 Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple.


a I usually get (I / usually / get) hungry in the afernoon.b I’m getting (I / get) hungry. Let’s go và eat something.2

a ‘ ___________(you / listen) lớn the radio?’ ‘No, you can turn it of.’b ‘ ___________(you / listen) khổng lồ the radio a lot?’ ‘No, not very ofen.’


a The River Nile ___________(flow) into the Mediterranean.b The river ______________(flow) very fast today – much faster than usual.


a I’m not very active. ____________(I / not / do) any sport.b What ______________________(you / usually / do) at weekends?


a Rachel is in thủ đô new york right now. _______________(She / stay) at the Park Hotel.b ________________________(She / always / stay) there when she’s in New York

3 Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple.

1 Why are all these people here? What’s happening (What / happen)?2 Julia is good at languages. _______________(She / speak) four languages very well.3 Are you ready yet? _____________(Everybody / wait) for you.4 I’ve never heard this word. How ____________(you / pronounce) it?5 Kate ______________(not / work) this week. She’s on holiday.6 I think my English ___________________(improve) slowly. It’s better than it was.7 Nicola __________________(live) in Manchester. She has never lived anywhere else.8 Can we stop walking soon? _________________(I / start) to lớn get tired.9 Sam and Tina are in Madrid right now. __________________(They / visit) a friend of theirs.10 ‘What _____________________(your father / do)?’ ‘He’s an architect.’11 It took me an hour lớn get to work this morning. Most days _______________(it / not / take) so long.12 I ____________________(I / learn) to lớn drive. My driving demo is next month. My father (teach) me.

4 Finish B’s sentences. Use always -ing.


A: I’ve lost my keys again.B: Not again! You’re always losing your keys .


A: The oto has broken down again.B: That car is useless. It____________________ .


A: Look! You’ve made the same mistake again.B: Oh no, not again! I________________________ .


A: Oh, I’ve lef my phone at trang chủ again.B: Typical!__________________________ .

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Sau lúc làm xong xuôi hãy chất vấn đáp án coi kết quả


3 is trying4 phones5 OK6 are they talking7 OK8 OK9 It’s getting / It is getting10 I’m coming / I am coming11 He always starts12 OK


2 a Are you listeningb bởi you listen3 a flowsb is flowing / ’s flowing4 a I don’t dob bởi you usually do5 a She’s staying / She is stayingb She always stays


2 She speaks3 Everybody’s waiting / Everybody is waiting4 vày you pronounce5 isn’t working / is not working / ’s not working6 is improving7 lives8 I’m starting / I am starting9 They’re visiting / They are visiting10 does your father do11 it doesn’t take12 I’m learning / I am learning …is teaching / ’s teaching


2 It’s always breaking down.3 I’m always making the same mistake. / … that mistake.4 You’re always leaving your phone at home.