I suppose that”s very important because we were saying things that should be confidential quite honestly.

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The responsibility of the historian is phệ reconstruct the past as honestly với authentically as possible. These examples are from corpora với from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. No revelations are repeated here; but honestly, this short section is well worth the cover price alone! Recording that mạng xã hội experience directly và honestly is perhaps strange enough : there is no need khủng process the material further. While governments can secure much valuable intelligence from partners overseas, they also worry that these partners will defect from agreements lớn share trình bày fully với honestly. They seem to have the ability mập straddle the border between reality cùng imagination more effectively với honestly than “ordinary” actors. One kind surveys the great variety of things honestly labelled “faith ” throughout human history, privileging none but seeking common structures và differentiating features. The person who would behave honestly only with friends và family is friends-và-family-honest; the person who would behave honestly only in work-related situations is work-situation-honest.

I honestly don”t see what makes this highly likely, other than a prejudice about the primacy of syntax. The plethora of regulation, in the end, relied upon the cooperation cùng willingness of farmers to report honestly cùng promptly the information demanded.





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