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Therefore, for a given price, the impatient government maximizes seigniorage by issuing money as rapidly as possible.
If agents are impatient, positive long-run growth is only possible when the natural resource experiences a high biotic rate of growth.
In addition, they were also impatient with the cultural và linguistic studies required for a serious analysis, while anthropologists were seldom interested in politics.
The promise of democracy belongs khổng lồ the longer term : observers, including impatient donors, need khổng lồ bear this in mind.
Finally, some negotiation protocols occur over an extended period of time which does not cater lớn impatient or time-constrained consumers.
Couples with low risk aversion who are very impatient lớn consume would not purchase a life annuity with contingent survivor benefit.
Perhaps it is time that is wanting, in that dramatists are working under undue pressure khổng lồ create instant culture for an impatient new nation.
to overcome this uncertainty, individuals require a way of ensuring that they can avoid being cheated by impatient outsiders.
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