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lunch /lʌntʃ/ danh từ bữa tiệc trưa bữa ăn nhẹ trước cơm trưa ngoại động từ dọn bữa tiệc trưa cho nội đụng từ dự bữa tiệc trưa
bữa ăn trưabusiness lunch: bữa ăn trưa bàn câu hỏi làm ănworking lunch: bữa ăn trưa làm cho việcfree lunchbữa nạp năng lượng không mất tiềnfree lunchđược ăn uống khôngfree lunchlợi nhuận không hiện lên (mà một người nào đó đề nghị trả)lunch tongueđồ ăn uống từ lưỡi




Từ điển Collocation

lunch noun

ADJ. cold, hot | delicious, tasty | hearty, slap-up, splendid, sumptuous | four-course, three-course, etc. | leisurely, long | heavy | healthy, light | meagre | sandwich We went for a sandwich lunch at the local bar. | packed | picnic | pub | early, late | Sunday | annual The society"s annual lunch will be held next Wednesday. | business, expense-account, working | school | literary | boozy, liquid (= consisting only of alcoholic drinks)

LUNCH + NOUN box, break, date, hour, party, table | things I helped wash up the lunch things. | meeting | guest | bill | club

PHRASES a spot of lunch Come & have a spot of lunch with me. More information about MEAL
MEAL: eat, have, take
(formal)~ Have you had breakfast?

grab, snatch ~ I"m so busy I have to snatch meals when I can.

ask sb to lớn ~ have/invite/take sb for/to ~ come/go for/to ~ He wouldn"t have asked her lớn supper if he didn"t like her, she reasoned.

These verbs are often used with around, out, over and round: We must have you over for dinner sometime. Let"s go out for a meal.

be out to lớn lunch He"s out lớn lunch with a client.

stop for ~ We stopped for tea at the Ritz.

join sb for, stay for/to ~ You"re sure you wont stay for tea?

sit down to, start ~ finish ~ We had just sat down khổng lồ breakfast when the phone rang.

skip ~ I sometimes skip lunch if we"re very busy.

cook (sb), fix (sb), get ready, make (sb), prepare ~ She hurried downstairs to fix herself some breakfast.

have ~ ready We"ll have supper ready for you.

serve ~ Lunch is served from noon till 3.

keep warm, warm up ~ I"ll be home late, so keep my dinner warm.

provide, provide sb (with) ~ Dinner is provided in the superb khách sạn restaurant.

~ be available A four course dinner is available by prior arrangement.

~ be ready ‘Breakfast"s ready!’ shouted Christine.

~ time The family was always noisy at meal times.

at/during/over ~ Nobody spoke during supper.

for ~ What did you have for lunch?

~ of a breakfast of pancakes và maple syrup

Từ điển WordNet



take the midday meal

At what time are you lunching?

provide a midday meal for

She lunched us well

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to act stupid or crazy

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

lunches|lunched|lunchingsyn.: dejeuner luncheon tiffin