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There might be some shared strategies, conscious or unconscious, among signboard producers for disseminating spatial information khổng lồ automotive travelers.
Sequential occurrences turned out lớn be more frequently observed than co-occurrences, totaling 83 cases out of 419 signboards.
Thus, each signboard and the expressions therein represent cooperation and compromise among the assessments made by the unspecified par ticipants of variable geographic contexts.
In order to lớn streamline và facilitate communication, signboards usually follow a relatively unified format for presenting spatial information.
Let us now imagine that an interested driver happens khổng lồ miss the first or second half of the information on these signboards.
Next to the signboard of the border " out-post ", a piece of string, raised by permission of the immigration officer, served as symbol of sovereignty.
I also interviewed several signboard producers in the region in order khổng lồ obtain insiders" information regarding the processes leading to the final product.
In total, 419 signboards and 575 tokens of spatial descriptions were collected for the current study.
As can easily be imagined, the intersections và their surrounding areas are the most preferred spots for building signboards.
In principle, data were collected from all the signboards along these roads, except some that faced the opposite lane và were not visible or were hard to see.
I am still far from convinced that the work of signwriters và signboard specialists should be included in these provisions.
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