Suffer đi cùng với giới từ gì? Suffer from sth nghĩa là gì? Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng tương tự cách thực hiện “Suffer” trong giờ Anh như vậy nào, hãy cùng tra cứu hiểu chi tiết ngay trong nội dung bài viết dưới đây.

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We tax payers will suffer for it.

Suffering for man will never end.

I have been suffering for 7 yrs now.

But when you do right and suffer for it you take it patiently you have God’s approval.

The problem may not be solely caused by poor, but they will indefinitely suffer for it.

Christians who suffered for their faith did so in the presence of crowds of onlookers.

Why should he suffer for ten births? In ten days he can work out the sufferings & consequences of his past Karma.

She suffered for 5 years, we had hope for most of that time and we did all we could to beat this horrible disease.

All animals experience fear, pain, deprivation and suffer for our ‘ pleasure ‘, we need to make these neanderthals evolve.

The act of treachery has befell on us và Eelam Tamils have suffered for what our then leaders did for more than six decades.

We suffer by the expectations of others.

Unfortunately, it is a condition suffered by many.

Each step reminded me of the pain suffered by the POWs.

The submarines AE1 và AE2 were the only losses suffered by the RAN during this conflict.

Ship losses and personnel casualties suffered by the RAN during the conflict were substantial.

The socio-economic problems suffered by many Nigerians are created by their fellow-men và women.

I hope that they recognise the hurt suffered by both sides in the past and work for a peaceful future for Ireland.

Let us surrender lớn the conscience or soul or love or god, else we will have to suffer by the senses (mind và body).

All reflecting an 11th position which is the worst fate suffered by a Brazilian squad since records started in 1993.

Happy are those who suffer with Him.

I’ve suffered with panic attacks for a few years now too.

The dilemma this assistance suffers with may be the lack of support.

Right now, I have a family member that is suffering with a horrible allergic reaction.

My aim to raise awarness of Visual Stress and the problems that the children suffer with.

The whole family began to suffer with burning eyes & their throats would become red raw.

JPMorgan Chase’s investment bank has suffered with the rest of Wall Street amid the global credit market freeze.

At those times I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, & love.

The roller stimulates lymphatic drainage — ideal for anyone who suffers with puffiness or congestion on the face.

She lived for a number of years in a care home, but passed away on returning to hospital suffering with pneumonia.

Millions have suffered as a result.

Support for the Lisa suffered as a result.

Her students had suffered as a consequence.

Someone who doesn’t know good and evil attaches to good and evil and suffers as a result.

Ensure your design does not detract from the content; your ROI will suffer as a consequence.

Accident compensation is also paid to cover financial losses suffered as a result of the accident.

Well I believe that sometimes they are treated very unfairly and that their other children và families suffer as a result.

The vested interests favor the current system since it increases the price of thier homes but everyone suffers as a result.

Arthur Andersen was closed down as a result of much less reputational damage than the bbc has suffered as a result of this.

Why bother? Because firing someone makes them feel bad — and the more the discharged suffers as a result, the worse they feel.

I know she suffered at school because of it.

I’d not going to give up on the MUN although it’s really suffering at the moment.

In fact, those who suffered at the hands of their American torturers in Iraq have been urged to sue them.

suffered at 90 miles thats for sure but that is nothing compared to what children face in hospital day in, day out.

You shoot the breeze, memories of suffering at the back those months ago long forgotten — back at home, back in the group.

The surgery, the writer claims, was necessary due to lớn injuries Tiger Woods suffered at the hands of his wife, Elin Nordegren.

To escape her father, Florentina periodically runs khổng lồ the woods, sometimes helped by her grandfather, who also suffers at her father’s hands.

McMahon, who had been released from internment in Germany, và who had recovered from his wound suffered at Sedan, was made commander-in-chief.

Within Afghanistan, the Pashtuns are in majority and have suffered the most và are still suffering at the hands of occupation forces và ANSF.

Father Barthelemy Vimont related in 1645 how a Mi’kmaq group in the Nepisiguit region of New Brunswick had much to suffer at the beginning of last Winter.

The narrators suffer through the change of times.

More worryingly society overall is suffering through the proliferation of FOBT addiction.

Nor can I overlook the difficulty from the immense amount of suffering through the world.

How many more episodes vày we have to suffer through her storyline? Kandi stay hating on Nene.

To those of you from mixed families who have to suffer through Bama trash talk while you try to.

I watched my grandmother suffer through breast cancer & found this whole thing to be in poor taste.

But the thought of exposing my burnt boob to lớn a doctor was more traumatizing than suffering through it.

Do you really want us to suffer through 235 pages of Stark? Isn’t there anyone else you can recommend? PS.

Lash, pointing out that many guests will have already suffered through several dreary ceremonies that year.

He might be too young khổng lồ remember the defining defeat in 1990 but he has watched and suffered through the rest.

I feel for all those suffering because of the condems.

Some of you are feeling it right now và you are suffering because of it.

Of the 10 sites chosen for monitoring, eight suffered because of reclamation activity.

Clubs buy & sell players in a lot of other leagues và they vày nt seem to suffer because of it.

Societal development is hampered by the tyranny of tradition, & each new generation suffers because of it.

And thus Indian women did not have to bear the kind of injustices that women in the West had to suffer because of the.

It is an honor lớn suffer persecution for God & all those who suffer because of there faith in God will be richly rewarded.

He knew that his disciples were suffering because of their lack of realization & sometimes they couldn? t follow the standard.

Ironically, I reckon both Bendtner và Arshavin suffered because of the presence of the man who is now being played as Spain’s nominal centre forward.

Advocates of HFT complain that the tax is heavy handed và that the market would suffer because of the lack of liquidity provided by high frequency trading.

Further lớn this it is important to note the casualties suffered during the war.

Woody type Two woody species in particular have suffered during the last few years.

He wanted lớn make Germany pay for all of the damage that France had suffered during the four years of fighting.

Belau who died of tuberculosis presumably as a result of hardship suffered during the Second Italo — Abyssinian War, 1935-1936.

But I suffered during the recession myself, so although it’s cost us more lớn bring the product to market, I really wanted to support the British economy.

The facts The plaintiff, Joey Boudreau, brought an action for personal injuries suffered during an indoor soccer game at a facility operated by HoJO Enterprises Inc.

IT vendors need to partner to be local In spite of its BRIC status, Russia’s economy suffered during the recession và sectors such as retail và manufacturing were hit hard.

Your intelligence will NOT suffer on any level, I can promise you that.

While T & H is suffering on unstoppable global million cars recall issue.

That ‘ mean ‘ but developmental move ended many years of pains suffered on that road.

You want to believe you won’t have to suffer on impossible diets và with excessive exercise.

And, while Japan suffered on its own – this debt crisis is now global – at least as far as the USA, Europe and Australasia is concerned.

But the Skoda weighs less than the Noble, of course, so any kind of energy deficiency it may suffer on paper is instantly negated in reality, right? Wrong.

Human spaceflight suffers under Obama.

I’d a woman suffering under patriarchy too.

They can suffer under oppression, famine and other natural disasters.

Many web pages containing that vocabulary have suffered under Penguin.

The great man who rid this country from terror had suffered and still suffering under this regime due lớn her distorted story.

It is shocking to see how quickly many Burmese have forgotten what it feels lượt thích to suffer under the boot heel of a brutal regime.

Here at Bread & Water for Africar, our hearts go out lớn those suffering under the difficult post-drought conditions in Kenya.

Dermot Nesbitt knows that human rights and equality is also a unionist agenda lớn remove the discrimination we suffered under direct rule.

The people of Awdal State have suffered under the one clan administration of Siiraanyo and will not tolerate to live in oppression any more.

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The irony of this article is breathtaking considering that the very people who defend islam would be the first to suffer under this sociopathic belief.