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*danh từ
 sự làm cho văn minh, sự khai hoá
 nền văn minh
 the civilization of mankind
 nền tao nhã của chủng loại người
 những nước văn minh, những dân tộc bản địa văn minh
civilizationn.1) khổng lồ introduce; spread civilization 2) to create a civilization 3) khổng lồ destroy, stamp out civilization 4) an ancient; modern civilizationcivilizationnounBAD: Each country has its own civilization and ideology.

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GOOD: Each country has its own culture và ideology.BAD: American civilization is very different from that of Japan.GOOD: American culture is very different from that of Japan.civilization = (a society or group of societies having) a way of life that is considered to lớn be advanced in terms of culture và social organization: "The remote mountain villages are still untouched by modern civilization." "The film examines the ancient civilizations of Greece và Rome, and their contributions khổng lồ Western society."culture = art, music, literature, etc especially that which is produced by a particular society or group of societies: "Visitors lớn Singapore discover a happy marriage of western and oriental cultures." "The Samba is an important part of Brazilian culture."civilization▸ noun1a higher stage of civilization: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, advancement, progress, enlightenment, culture, refinement, sophistication.2ancient civilizations: CULTURE, society, nation, people.
■ nền văn minh
waste products of civilization: thành phầm của nền văn minh
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■ sự văn minh
* danh từ - sự tạo nên văn minh, sự khai hoá - nền lộng lẫy the civilization of mankind ~ nền hiện đại của loài bạn - phần lớn nước văn minh, những dân tộc bản địa văn minhcivilizationor civilisation■ noun 1》 an advanced stage or system of human social development. ⁃ the process of achieving civilization. 2》 a civilized nation or region. noun1. a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal & political and religious organizations) ( Freq. 17)- the people slowly progressed from barbarism lớn civilization • Syn: civilisation• Derivationally related forms: civilize• Topics: politics , political science , government • Hypernyms: society Hyponyms: Islam , Muslimism2. the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced stage of development and organization • Syn: civilisation• Derivationally related forms: civilise (for: civilisation ) Hypernyms: social process3.

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a particular society at a particular time & place- early Mayan civilization • Syn: culture , civilisation• Derivationally related forms: acculturate (for: culture )• Topics: archeology , archaeology • Hypernyms: society Hyponyms:Aegean civilization , Aegean civilisation , Aegean culture , Helladic civilization , Helladic civilisation , Helladic culture , Indus civilization , Minoan civilization , Minoan civilisation , Minoan culture , Mycenaean civilization , Mycenaean civilisation , Mycenaean culture , Paleo-American culture , Paleo-Amerind culture , Paleo-Indian culture , Western culture , Western civilization • Part Meronyms: subculture4. the unique of excellence in thought và manners & taste- a man of intellectual refinement- he is remembered for his generosity và civilization • Syn: refinement , civilisation• Derivationally related forms: civilise (for: civilisation ), civilize Hypernyms: excellence